Here are some of my top locations in new york city for a photo shoot. This is far from an exhaustive list because there are just too many amazing NYC shooting locations, but these are some that I either shoot a lot or I would love to shoot more of. It's good to keep in mind that there are no wrong answers when it comes to NYC photo locations. If the location is meaningful to you or you think it's beautiful then that is what matters most. Many of my clients choose to shoot close to where they live or in an area that is meaningful to them.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Starting with one of my busiest locations! The best way to get a view of Manhattan is actually outside of it. This park in DUMBO (Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) has so much to offer.

Best for

Views of the city and lots of variety and backgrounds in one place.

Brooklyn Bridge

Just an 8 minute walk from the water front in DUMBO you can get up and onto the Brooklyn Bridge. It's a very busy location so be prepared to be patient (and bring walking shoes).

Best for: A short iconic session or if you want the photos to feel more Brooklyn than Manhattan.

The Highline

This is one of my favorite locations in Manhattan. And while it makes it onto every 'free things to do in nyc' lists, it is hardly ever requested for photo sessions. However this location is also one that gets a lot of different backgrounds in a small area.

Best for: city feel without worrying about cars.

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is a great shooting location that is as recognizable as it is historic (every time I'm there I think of Just Kids by Patti Smith and imagine what it used to be like). There is also a really cute European inspired street nearby that is part of the NYU campus and usually a good extra spot for photos.

Best for: Recognizable arches and water fountain, for those who want a city vibe.

West Village

The West Village is classic and beautiful, while being very different from other sky scraper filled backgrounds. It's much calmer, though be prepared for many people walking about as you shoot.

Best for: City feel without huge skyscrapers, beautiful brownstones, many walkable and cure corners.


This bridge is THE spot in Tribeca, so if there is another shoot going on it can be kind of tough to get photos. The good news is that there are other photogenic corners nearby if someone is using it. The bridge was under construction recently, but the scaffolding is finally gone so we're back in business.

Best for: old NY feel, more intimate NYC photos, if TriBeCa is meaningful to you.

SoHo streets

It's hard to pick a specific street in SoHo so I usually start in any cobblestone street and go from there. The streets are filled with classic cast iron architecture that is quintessential to the area.

Best for: locals and visitors alike, being amongst the busy streets

Bethesda Terrace

One of the most popular shooting areas in Central Park is Bethesda Terrace and Fountain and for good reason. The architecture is beautiful and the photos always come out peaceful and beautiful. It's an iconic area of Central Park while also hardly feeling like it's party of the city since you can't see any tall buildings nearby.

Best for: people who want classic Central Park/NYC and are less interested in skyscrapers in the background.

Southeast Corner of Central Park

All of Central Park is beautifully well taken care of, but this small area is especially photogenic. Like Brooklyn Bridge Park, there is a lot to shoot in a very small condensed area ensuring that even on the busiest day or when light isn't perfect you can still find a great photo.

Best For: anyone looking for a combination of trees and buildings.

Honorable Mentions

Prospect Park Boathouse

The boathouse is so sweet and photogenic. And there are many other areas nearby to take advantage of as well. After you can even stay at Prospect Park and relax.

Roosevelt Island

It might be a bit of a trek, but the view at the southern tip of the island is worth it.

Brooklyn Brownstones

There are so many gorgeous and peaceful Brooklyn streets particularly in Park Slope, or like this photo in Crown Heights.

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