This couples photo session in Dumbo was only 30 minutes long, but we ended up with even more than the photos you see here! This couple did a GREAT job with clothing, so it's also good inspo if you're wondering what to wear to your photo shoot. Andrea's dress here is a perfect choice for a maternity shoot, it's comfortable and form fitting enough that it shows off her baby bump! Her shoes are also cool and comfortable and perfect for all the walking we did- we walked A LOT! Her partner here is dressed matching, but not too matchy-matchy, instead they went with a palette. His shoes are cool and add some of his personal style to the photos.

For this photo session we shot in one of the BUSIEST streets in all of Brooklyn, Washington St. Often called the most instagrammable street in Brooklyn (like this article here). While that title makes my eyes want to roll, it's instagrammable for a reason! And that whole area is a beautiful photo worthy location, so it would be a mistake not to try to get the shot. Because it was so crowded, I couldn't get one with no one in the background, so instead I opted for blurring the crowds which actually makes the viewer focus more on the couple- you can see my blog post "If you can't beat 'em, blurr 'em" here. It worked out really nicely in this case! You can also check out my blogpost/collection of a ton of images shot at this exact same spot to give you some encouragement if you do decide to go take your photo there.